Stereo MCs ‘Black Gold’

[youtube 93x3j1pjBJk nolink]
‘Black Gold’ с HD качество.
Тези стари Лондонски кръпки от 85 година насам си държат на стила и правят здрави хитове.
Песента я чухме в „Денсинг старс“ и както в повечето случай на 1-во слушане е само шум, но после  те хваща уникално и искаш пак да я слушаш (в редки случай „repeat“ е натиснат цял ден).

Oще нови  песни от последният албум и информция на официалният  сайт:

What becomes of a man mistreated
So stretchin’, been their leader
Wake up, seen their repeating
Looking like rain when their shame were needed
For all of my cons
Preaching comforts for holding on
Got a weakness
Try not to feel it
Couldn’t see it
Now I can read it
I guess our time will spare
[…] come and goes for a broken […ain]
Broke the line in the toxic seat
‘Till they just couldn’t take anymore than me

‘Cos baby, I’ve changed
You’re walking on black gold of the sun
You’re acting strange [whoo-hoo]
I am just checking number one

Looking at the number one, one, number one

Couldn’t change your past while it’s needed
Energise, never be defeated
I […] say yes, when I see you figure
Load of thoughts as I’m pulling this trigger
Couldn’t help to pass […] getting it on
Couple […] On and on
One’s written, but another be [a…]
Sell a dollar for the man not try to…

I’m ready to reign
‘Cos I ain’t afraid of anyone
Stay out of my range
‘Cos you don’t know what I have become
If I’m acting strange
Well maybe, I’m checking number one
See baby, I’ve changed
I’m walking on black gold of the sun
Black gold of the sun

When I make the gray
Rise and [f….]
She’s gonna want my money
Getting’ paid
Walking in shades
And in shadows of a pray
Cry when I laugh
Like to get laid
Come out my shell
Never look back to the
Promises made
Boil to the point
Of a burning pain
Fuck what you want
[…] [gay gay gay gay…]

If you can’t take a peek
I think you know the rest
This is life
Not a test

We’re coming again
‘Cos there’s a key break going on
You thought that I’d fade away
Well I got news for everyone
We’re ready to rage
‘Cos we ain’t hurtin’ anyone
See baby, we’re changed
We’re walking on black gold of the sun
Black gold of the sun

[Black gold of the sun] [2X]

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